Making a CONTENTdm collection

Ok…you’ve gotten frustrated and decided to nuke everything and start again. Log on and creat a new collection Now, you are going to have to craft the metadata template again. You have to do this online, so click the Administration link in the project client Then go to fields under collections. Get to work changing them to EXACTLY match your Tabdelimited file. For the love of god make sure it is an exact match…I care deeply about this. In the project client click ADD COMPOUND OBJECTS select object list   Doooo iiiit Continue reading Making a CONTENTdm collection

Good News!

My face is red, partially because my MP3 issues are hardware driven and partially because I am redfaced with glee that my institution was issued a nice shiny new OCR license because the old ones didn’t work….clearly….after several months of going around with tech support…but that is the past, on to the future! So, the hardware issue. It appears that the computers in the public computer lab do not have sound cards in them. This is a good idea, really but it causes some problems with playback because you have to have a pair of headphones in the JACK to … Continue reading Good News!

OCR licenses

I’d like to get the OCR turned on for the scanned papers. The OCR automatically turns static images of text, like a scan, into a document. This document can then be searched for keywords. I was running Adobe’s OCR on each document and then saving it as a searchable PDF, but if I can get the robots to do it, yay, one less step. I have an Email out to CONTENTdm’s tech support so I will see if we can’t get this ball rolling. Apparently we’ve been paying the monthly fee all this time and not using it. I would … Continue reading OCR licenses

Hope Springs Eternal Part 8

I am now (allegedly) on the list of people who can ask questions of and get answers from the tech support for CONTENTdm. This is good. I have an answer now about why my MP3s wouldn’t play…I can’t upload them as part of a Compound object. Even uploading them as multiple objects is dodgy. I will now try to upload a single file and then attach it to a compound object. At no time will my fingers leave my hand. Continue reading Hope Springs Eternal Part 8

Benefits of starting over….

1. I can rebuild the directory as I see fit 2. I can rebuild the Master Excel file to only contain entries for complete sets of source files 3. I can control all source file from a single storage device. 4. i can build and rebuild the collection without the fear of losing something. I sat down with S patalita and she showed me how to export the tab delimited file. It was a bit of a blur, so I need to do it again. It was not as hard as I thought it was. I’ve spent the week cleaning … Continue reading Benefits of starting over….

Starting from Scratch

Welp, it looks like all that work I did in my internship was for naught. The official “Cut Over” was last night and now all my entries are either no longer playing or coming up as not in existence. Luckily I have all the Metadata in an Excel file on GoogleDocs (oh, how I love Google Docs.) So I’m going to try to rebuild the collection. I will also be investigating other CMS options, Fedora, Greenstone…something, anything. I’m disappointed, but this is real world experience so I guess it’s worth something. I would like to suggest a low cost, no … Continue reading Starting from Scratch